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Integrate and track

A central platform that aggregates resumes and applications from various external job posting platforms where your company has advertised job openings. Additionally, it can be used to internally post job vacancies within your company for existing employees to explore and apply for internal career advancements.


Database for applicant profile

Storing and managing CVs and applications. It serves as a centralized database for applicant profiles, allowing HR and recruitment teams to efficiently assess and track external talent during the hiring process.


Review, schedule and keep track

Manage and track applicants who have applied for open positions. It includes features for reviewing resumes, scheduling interviews, and keeping a record of the entire application and selection process. It streamlines candidate evaluation and selection, ensuring a more organized and efficient hiring process.


Integrate new employees

Fill out the paperwork, set up equipment, and introduce them to company policies. Provide new hires with an overview of the organization, its culture, and roles and responsibilities.


Overview, create, track, and manage

An overview of available educational resources. It allows you to create and manage educational content, track employee participation in training programs, and monitor progress. This tool facilitates the smooth integration of new knowledge and skills into your workforce, ensuring employees are equipped with the necessary training for their roles.


Support employee growth

Set performance goals, conduct regular performance reviews, provide feedback, and track progress. It incorporates development plans, training programs, and career advancement opportunities to support employee growth and advancement within your company. This helps align individual performance with organizational objectives and fosters continuous improvement.


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