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WFH, shift swaps, working hours, and more

Employees can submit attendance- related requests, such as work-from- home, schedule adjustments, or shift swaps. These requests are then routed to supervisors or managers for review and approval.


Review and approve

Supervisors and managers can review and approve or deny attendance requests made by employees. This feature helps ensure that attendance- related changes align with company policies and staffing needs.


Visual representation

The calendar function provides a visual representation of employees' schedules, including work shifts and working hours, holidays, approved time off, and whether they work from home or the office. It helps employees and managers easily track and plan their attendance.


Share and track

This capability allows the Attendance tool to seamlessly integrate with other software or systems, including physical presence software. It enables the sharing of attendance data between different platforms, streamlining attendance tracking and reporting processes and enhancing data accuracy and efficiency.


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