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Share, collaborate, and engage through surveys, posts, announcements, polls, articles, and other interactive elements.

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Boost productivity

Facilitates collaboration among team members by providing a centralized platform for sharing documents, ideas, and updates to boost productivity.


Gather feedback

Enable users to create and distribute questionnaires to gather feedback and insights from team members or external stakeholders. Gather detailed feedback or information on specific topics.


Fast decisions

Quick and simple tool for gathering opinions or preferences from team members. Users can create polls with multiple-choice questions, and participants can vote or provide their input. Polls are useful for making fast decisions or gauging team sentiment.


Stay connected

Real-time communication encompass features like messaging, discussion boards, email integration, and notification systems to keep team members connected and informed.


One platform to replace them all.

Stop losing time with many tools that are not integrated. Be more productive with Ema Workforce and automate your daily workflow.