Nurturing Well-being, Respecting Time-off!

Better planning and ensuring all absences are accounted for, promoting a balanced workload distribution.

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From vacation to sick leave

Employees can request time off, whether it's for vacation, sick leave, or other types of absences, specifying the dates and reasons for their absence.


Review and approve

Supervisors and managers receive absence requests for review. They can approve or deny these requests based on company policies and staffing needs. The approval process ensures proper planning and coordination of employee absences.


Monitor and Record

The tracking allows to monitor and record employee absences over time. It keeps a historical record of when employees are absent, helping HR and management analyze attendance patterns and trends.


Insights into all approved and upcoming absence

Provides a high-level summary of all absences within the company. It offers insights into the total number of approved absences, upcoming time-off schedules, and any potential scheduling conflicts. This overview helps managers make informed decisions about staffing and resource allocation.


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