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Empowering People, Powering Success!

A centralized database that holds all employee documents and important information in one place.

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Simplify Attendance Tracking!

Efficiently track work locations, hours, and breaks with our Attendance Calendar.

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Nurturing Well-being, Respecting Time-off!

Better planning and ensuring all absences are accounted for, promoting a balanced workload distribution.

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Turning Data Into Actionable Insights!

Data-driven toolset designed to provide insightful, real-time reports and metrics on various aspects of management.

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Driving Team Excellence Together!

Share, collaborate, and engage through surveys, posts, announcements, polls, articles, and other interactive elements.

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Mastering Time, One Click at a Time!

Detailed data on hours worked, providing an accurate basis for payroll calculations.

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Your Talent Success Solution!

From finding the right talent to seamless onboarding, manage your hiring and onboarding process.

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Tools, resources, and employee information, all in one secure online platform.

A centralized archive of documents, contracts, licenses, and various other records.

Map out and manage the entire organizational structure.

Learning resources to cultivate knowledge and skills.

Track and manage the expiration dates of various documents within your company.


One platform to replace them all.

Stop losing time with many tools that are not integrated. Be more productive with Ema Workforce and automate your daily workflow.

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Connect and work from any device, anywhere.

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Automate and streamline HR tasks
Such as employee data management, and compliance, efficiently manage operations focusing on goals.
Promote efficiency and transparency
Allowing more focus on growth strategies.
Culture of learning and collaboration
Encourages a culture of learning and collaboration, enhancing team productivity and innovation.
Streamline processes
Manage working hours, leaves, employee development, and ensure consistency and efficiency.
Maintain optimal productivity
With tools to track employee development and working hours.
Effective communication
Foster effective communication and synergy across diverse teams within the organization.
Streamline processes
Streamline HR processes and ensure consistent practices across different countries.
Meet your needs
Manage workforce diversity and meet regional compliance needs effectively.
Company culture
Promote a unified global company culture, enabling cross-border knowledge sharing.
Supports unique needs of diverse industries
From managing shift work to simplifying legal complexities.
Valuable insights
To tackle industry-specific challenges and help decision making.
A culture of learning and collaboration
Fosters a culture of learning and collaboration, crucial in knowledge-intensive industries.
Remote access
Self-service capabilities, and collaboration tools, facilitating communication and HR operations across different locations and time zones.
Seamless communication
Ensures seamless communication across distributed teams.
Continuous learning
Facilitates continuous learning, fostering a sense of unity and cohesion in distributed teams.

Our Customers

Why companies love Ema Workforce?

We have been using Ema Workforce for several months, and the improvement in our processes is clearly visible. The time tracking, absence management, and online documentation features have significantly reduced our administrative workload. The software is intuitive to use, and we quickly adapted and started working with it. The customer support is also very responsive and always available. I would recommend this software to any team looking for an efficient way to automate their processes.

Mirza Hasić

Hercegovina lijek

Ema Workforce has changed the way our company manages its human resources. From the ability to integrate with other tools we use to time tracking and the hiring process! I also want to especially commend the customer support. This young team has my warm recommendations.

Senada Mehinović

Medex Pharm

At the beginning, we were skeptical about implementing the Ema Workforce software, but now I can say that it's one of the best decisions we've made. This software has unified all our HR processes, from recruitment to education, providing us with a comprehensive view of our employees. I would recommend this software to all companies aiming to digitize their business.

Jasminka Djedović

Medical Irac